EMERGENCY fundraiser for vet expenses, kennels & food

Normally we are trying to avoid starting fundraisers.

This time we have no chanceas we have around 94 dogs under our wingsyoung and old onessmall and big ones, sick and healthy oneswanted and unwanted ones.

We are being challenged with diseases like parvo again and againvet expenses are increasing and so do kennel fees

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The 1st Multi-Generations-House for Dogs

It is a home for the old, disabled, in need of care and partly lonely elderly dogs; where they can spend their last stage of life in a dignified environment and in a family of dogs.

From young to old, from healthy puppies up to the physically or mentally disabled four-legged friends, all are welcome to us.

In principle a placement of one of our housemates (because we live together under one roof – people & dogs) is of course always possible.

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Patrick Niederhofer

Castration Program

The helping of pointers in distress in our Association, whether locally or abroad, is very close to our heart. The placement of dogs from abroad into Germany is only a reaction and a short-term and direct help for the individual local dogs.

However with that the situation will not improve abroad. For long-lasting help one must start much earlier and with parallel work on various “fronts”.

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P.A.D.S. Psychologically Affected, Disabled and Senior-Pointers

Daily we are getting pleas of help for Pointers in need. These are often puppies or younger dogs, who have good chances to be rehomed.

But the number of Psychologically Affected, Disabled and Senior-Pointers increases as well.

These Pointers need special care and a lot of understanding, patience and love. Maybe even more love and especially time as any other Pointer in need.

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R.I.P. Jo von den Nieplitzwiesen

Our team and our pack of Pointer-Freunde have lost their mentor, teacher and a very special friend ... JO, as he was always called, was the dog of our colleague Britta H. She is our dog trainer and belongs to the team of Pointer-Freunde e.V.  JO has done a great deal...

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(Deutsch) CHICO, Malinois-Mix, geb. ca. 2016

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.CHICO ist ein ca. 2 Jahre alter Malinois-Mix, der aus einem spanischen...

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FACE, Husky-Akita, born 03/2016

FACE and his siblings were found on Cyprus and taken to a pound. We took them out and under our wings, but they were very scarred in the beginning. They got a lot better and FACE is in a foster home in 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg / Germany now. FACE is a bit timid in the...

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LUCKY, German Shorthair, born appr. 2009

LUCKY was beaten almost to death on Cyprus and being abandoned to die in the fields. He was very lucky as he was found and taken to our colleague Roys, who took him in his private boarding kennels and saved his life. We took LUCKY under our wings and he is a wonderful...

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Adoption Procedures

Has one of our pointers won your heart? You want to give a new home to one of our dogs? We are happy!

Here you will find all information.

Adoption Procedures


Mediterranean diseases

If you consider the adoption of a dog from abroad and research about it, you will inevitably repeatedly encounter terms such as ‘Mediterranean diseases’, ‘Leishmaniasis’ or ‘Ehrlichiosis’.

Mediterranean diseases

Protection Fee

A “protection fee” is not a purchase price” – it fulfills rather different purposes: Coverage of accrued costs and also creates a “barrier” not to get a dog thoughtlessly.

Protection Fee

Tasso e.V.

“You can’t protect an animal from running away; however from not coming back.”

(Philip McCreight, head of TASSO’s headquarter)

Tasso e.V.

Pointer-Freunde e.V.

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