ELMO, Mix, born 2018

ELMO was found wandering loose in a village in Cyprus. Initially he was fed in the street by supermarket staff. He then found the seashore and wandered up to the centre of the village. He was advertised on the village website hoping his owner would come forward to...

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NORRIS, Sheperd-Mix, born 03/2018

NORRIS and his brother CHUCK were found roaming a little village in the mountains of Cyprus.Our colleague tried to catch them for two days and finally managed to take them under our wings. They are growing and gaining more confidence from day to day. NORRIS is still a...

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CHUCK, Sheperd-Mix, born 03/2018

CHUCK and his brother NORRIS were found roaming a little village in the mountains of Cyprus. Our colleague tried to catch them for two days and finally managed to take them under our wings. They are growing and gaining more confidence from day to day. CHUCK is a bit...

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LEA, Pointer-Mix, born 2016

LEA was found by a colleague in Cyprus wandering around in a village. She was skin and bones, but very friendly. She has been with our colleague since she was found in 11/2017 in foster care and is getting better and better.LEA is very playful, wants to please her...

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ROYS, Pointer-Lab, born 04/2018

ROYS and his siblings were born by their lovely mum AMBER on the streets of Cyprus in the beginning of April 2018. They were found by animal lovers and cared of the best possible way. BUT: It is always dangerous on the streets and when we were asked to help this...

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MICKEY, Pointer-Mix, born 10/2016

MICKEY and his siblings were found dumped in a field, when they were just some days old. MICKEY is still very shy with people, but not scared. He needs his time to get to know the people. MICKEY is very close with his brother ACE, he loves to play with him. With other...

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PHOEBE, Dutch Hound-Mix, born 02/2016

PHOEBE was found wandering around on Cyprus when she was about 2,5 months old. Our colleague Barbara found her and took her in. PHOEBE is living with Barbara since then. She really is a character. She is very clever, but can be stubborn as well. PHOEBE is quite calm...

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LILO, Pointer-Mix, appr. 02/2016

LILO and his mum KEYLA were taken out of a killing pound from one of our colleagues on Cyprus. She couldn't leave them there and begged that we will take them under our charity's wings. LILO is a nice big puppy around 12 kilos at the moment, he is friendly with...

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SPIRIT, Pointer-Mix, appr. 2013

Nobody knows exactly where SPIRIT came from. He ended up on the truck from the municipality on Cyprus being on the way to be pts by government vet services. This is how we met him. SPIRIT is very friendly with other dogs, playful but sometimes still a bit shy with...

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WALLY, Pointer-Mix, born appr. 2015

WALLY was found wandering around on Cyprus, no collar, no microchip. She is with her two female friends now, and they love each other. 🙂 WALLY is great with other dogs, but needs to be introduced to them. 🙂 Her blood tests are clear, she has her microchip,...

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FENJA, Pointer-Mix, 1,5 years

This is FENJA. She was born on Cyprus and is still together with her siblings. She never had to live on the streets - she was born in a foster home. FENJA is still a little shy, but very soft and gentle nature. She loves cuddles and gets along with all dogs and cats....

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FIPS, Pointer-Jura-Mix, born 04/2016

Meet FIPS! FIPS & his siblings plus their mom were discovered by an animal lover being kept in a small cage on Cyprus. She managed to get them released and since then FIPS is looking for his loving forever home. For some reason he was always overlooked, as all his...

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♥ ROSIE, Mix, born appr. 2015 ♥

ROSIE is a very special, sweet mummy. She had a litter of 10 puppies and was found with them hiding in an old house. She was taking such good care of them and giving her best to protect them. She herself was so thin, but she still feeded them.

Unfortunately all of Rosie’s puppies passed away, they were too weak to fight a virus. Rosie was heart broken and scared.

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♥ MAGDA, Husky-Mix, born appr. 2014 ♥

MAGDA was found on Cyprus two years ago, when she was only 2,5 month old running in the middle of the tourist area main road. The lady took her in her car and started asking people around, if they knew where she came from but ofc not.

The lady asked our representative, if she could help her as she could not keep the dog.

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