The helping of pointers in distress in our Association, whether locally or abroad, is very close to our heart. The placement of dogs from abroad into Germany is only a reaction and a short-term and direct help for the individual local dogs. However with that the...

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The 1st multi generations house for dogs

What is a "multi generations house for dogs"? It is a home for the old, disabled, in need of care and partly lonely elderly dogs; where they can spend their last stage of life in a dignified environment and in a family of dogs. From young to old, from healthy puppies...

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Repairing the Puppy House

We are in desperate need to fix our little puppy house for the winter. Fortunately we found somebody to fix it for us, but we need to pay the material. The floor will be new to be cleaned easier, the roof and the walls will be fixed, a new window will need to be made...

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Five newborn puppies were dumped in a plastic bag in the middle of the road on Cyprus. They urgently needed bottle-feeding. We tried them with our amazing mummy LARA, who recently had puppies and they are still tiny. She was accepting the newborns after a while and...

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We are always more than happy to help and it is a 2-way help: We are trying no neutere and spay as many dogs as we can afford and at the same time, we are taking dogs and as well pregnant females in and trying to rehome them in wonderful families. The last two weeks...

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BONES – his name is program 🙁

BONES, an appr. 3 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, was rescued on Cyprus and being sent to a foster home in Germany in March.

Unfortunately due to circumstances which were not his fault, he wasn’t well cared of and was not gaining any weight, got diarrhea and was really in a poor condition some weeks ago.

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Fundraiser for Pointer in distress

The talented portraitist Amber Marie from England has created four different drawings of pointers.

They are in favor of pointers in need who have been rescued from the ” Pointer – friends ” and placed under its protection, sold as art prints in A4 and as a gift (glossy in A5).

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Pet food donation