Donate & Help

Membership in the association

You want to become an official “Pointer – Friend “, Become a member of our club “pointer friends”. Your membership will help us to have a reliable factor in our daily work. We can calculate the membership and funding contributions and work. What is very important in our work is that we do not “live the day in and have to work” and wait for the next donation Many regular expenditures for dogs who live under our protection are inevitable and must be secured.

Become part of a wonderful community of people who work for the loveable breed of pointers. Only together can we succeed to make the hitherto almost unknown side of the Pointer known and pointers to help in emergency.

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One-time donation

Of course you can support us with a one-time donation. This always helps – particularly in unforeseen, exceptional or urgent bailouts we ask for your support and sometimes would be very pleased if you would support my current project. For more information about these current projects, please visit the” Current Projects and Actions” page. You can send your donation to us in various ways:


Kontoinhaber:         Pointer-Freunde / Pointer-Friends e.V.
Bank:                         Raiffeisenbank Leezen
IBAN:                         DE78 2306 1220 0012 1063 70
BIC:                            GENODEF1LZN

Voluntary Help

In addition to donations, there are plenty of other ways to support us in our work. You might want to get involved in our daily work, in the care of the dogs that are under our protection, for airport transfers or special trips, in a castration campaign, in marketing, or public relations. There are still so many other areas in which you can certainly help us with your dedication. Please contact us for ideas, suggestions or even more ways of help, we are always grateful.

Care places

We do not always have the space itself to accommodate our rescued Pointers before they are conveyed. That is why we are always dependent on care places. So if you can “temporarily” want to help, you can feel free to contact us. The dogs come in a good health condition prepared for you – they are micro chipped, vaccinated, warmed, for fleas and have completed the necessary in our view blood tests.We would be very pleased if you would like to give a puppy, young dog or a full blown Pointer / Pointer mix the chance to live up to his adoption with you and get to know a new life in safety.The requirements for a foster home include: A lot of time, so that the dog does not have to be as alone as well. Flexibility and the possibility that the dog can be visited and met by prospective customers. The space required as well as the rest of a dog that probably arise. One needs too much hustle, hustle or people / animals might be too much for him. And the necessary peace, serenity and tolerance when “something goes wrong” or not equal everything goes the way one would perhaps wish. Often, and know the dog is not a lot and are very dependent on our help and our guide.