Today is certainly one of the gloomiest days for our team. About 6 weeks ago we got the small ELLA from a local pound. She lived in her own fecal matter, had green water in a bucket and completely moldy food in two bowls.

ELLA was already in a bad condition – terrified, emaciated and just sick. It turned out that she suffered from at least three Mediterranean diseases that had already attacked her organs. Today we know that she was even pregnant – at a very early stage.

In the first few weeks, we had great hope and the team at our Rescue Center in Cyprus devotedly cared for the little one. Our veterinarian Marios Nikolaou made every effort to make ELLA feel better. As the saying goes, no expense and effort was spared.

But in the last few days ELLA suddenly got worse – much worse. She came to the clinic, needed blood transfusions and her kidneys threatened to fail. Here we also found the pregnancy.

This morning ELLA could not and did not want to live anymore – she had epileptic seizures, had a miscarriage and we would like to spare you the remaining details …
She gave up and Marios and our colleague felt this. The last thing we could do for her was to let her go. We owed her that – she should not have to suffer anymore.

Our daily work is a roller coaster of emotions. So much joy and sorrow so close to each other – unbelievable!! If you have not experienced this yourself, it’s hard to imagine. Each of us invests so much heart, emotion, time, money and much more – and sometimes it’s “just not enough” and we fail – as today with ELLA. And then a little bit of our heart breaks again and accompanies ELLA on her last journey …

Please support our work – by itself it is almost impossible to tackle all these challenges. In particular, financially. Because even if we have lost the fight today – the costs remain and have to be paid. And to be able to help animals in need like ELLA in the future, we need YOU!

P.S.: A big and heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to our colleagues in Cyprus – Veronica, Marian-cosmin, Vasia, Norman and especially our vet Marios, who is always by our side and fighting for the animals under our wings!