Health and care

© Kristina Pilatus Lenaerts

© Kristina Pilatus Lenaerts

The breed ENGLISH POINTER is characterized by a stable health.

Due to its short coat the English Pointer needs little grooming, brushing him once or twice a week with a soft brush, should be enough. A well balanced diet which reflects his energetic lifestyle, ensures that he is healthy with an excellent immune system and a nice thick coat. The breed is not susceptible to illnesses. It is not uncommon for these pretty hunting companions to achieve an average age of around 14 years. There are also some quite older than this.



Thanks to its dense and short fur the German Shorthaired Pointer is a very low maintenance dog. Grooming the German Shorthaired Pointer once a week with a rubber brush is sufficient enough to remove the loose hair during molting. The German Shorthaired Pointer’s ears should be checked. As with any other large breed the German Shorthaired Pointer requires strong and tear-resistant collar and lead for taking on walks. Furthermore, the German shorthaired pointer requires a large feed and drinking bowl and a cozy resting place as a retreat and resting place.




The German Shorthaired Pointer is in amongst the healthy, robust and low-maintenance breeds. Pointers are not demanding in terms of their dietary requirements. Dry or fresh food is easily digested by the German Shorthaired Pointers. Dry feed contains all essential nutrients, depending on stage of life, and already in the required quantity and composition. Also possible allergies and the activity level of the dog are factors which one should consider when choosing food. The German Shorthaired Pointer is an energetic, relatively large dog. Special food is not usually necessary with this breed of dog as long as he gets suitable food for large and active breeds. The various vitamins and nutrients in the diet ensure that the German Shorthaired Pointer can muster the energy for its tasks and healthy development. Strong bones, shiny coat, healthy growth and a high life expectancy – all of this can be attributed to a breed specific and nutritious diet. Whether you opt for wet or dry food, depends entirely on the habits and preferences of the individual German Shorthaired Pointer and its owner. Bones and chewing sticks in addition to the daily staple diet clean between teeth and strengthen the jaw.

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