Welpen auf Zypern

puppies in Cyprus

The helping of pointers in distress in our Association, whether locally or abroad, is very close to our heart. The placement of dogs from abroad into Germany is only a reaction and a short-term and direct help for the individual local dogs.

However with that the situation will not improve abroad. For long-lasting help one must start much earlier and with parallel work on various “fronts”.

The population of dogs must be reduced and unwanted offspring must be prevented, so that future puppy explosions like on Cyprus are reduced in the medium to long term.

Animal welfare means above all the local work: Political and interpersonal persuasion, education and very important castration programs.

Hundemama mit ihren Welpen

female dog with her puppies

International studies have shown that the overpopulation of dogs and cats and therefore the related problem of strays especially in the southern countries can only be reduced effectively by consistent castrations. All the unwanted animals in shelters, pounds and on the streets… should be a monument to us and to remind us about the infinite quantity of unwanted births of dogs.

Constaninos Andreou

Constantinos Andreou

And right here we help specifically:
Together with our founding member, veterinarian Patrick Niederhofer from the animal health centre Dammstücken in Henstedt-Ulzburg near Hamburg, and our contract veterinarian in Cyprus, Constantinos Andreou from the VetCure clinic in Limassol, we carry out from now on periodical castrations in Cyprus. Our veterinarians work as volunteers and castrate / sterilize shelter dogs, stray dogs and dogs, which were taken from the streets and are in private foster homes waiting for their new home.

Patrick Niederhofer

Patrick Niederhofer

In the future, we would like also to offer these campaigns to the private people of Cyprus, also here to bring it to their attention and to markedly reduce the unwanted breeding of privately held animals.

In carrying out this campaign there are of course costs – please support us and help us effectively to improve the situation in Cyprus.

Please send donations either via PayPal or transfer under the keyword “Kastrations-Programm” (castration program). We warmly thank you in advance for your help!

P.S.: Of course in our castration program we do not differentiate between the different breeds of dogs. Pointers will not be specifically castrated / sterilized, but all dogs and bitches that we can reach and manage in time.

trächtige Hündin auf Zypern

pregnant dog in Cyprus

The 1st multi generations house for dogs

The 1st multi generations house for dogs

What is a “multi generations house for dogs”?

It is a home for the old, disabled, in need of care and partly lonely elderly dogs; where they can spend their last stage of life in a dignified environment and in a family of dogs. From young to old, from healthy puppies up to the physically or mentally disabled four-legged friends, all are welcome to us. In principle a placement of one of our housemates (because we live together under one roof – people & dogs) is of course always possible; but if we cannot find a suitable home offered for our protégés they may remain with us forever.

Why a “multi generations house for dogs”?

Formerly, families with several generations lived their lifetime under one roof. The young kept the old young and the old helped the young.
The different generations benefited from each other and the knowledge of the elders was not lost; a social structure that we also wish for the dogs.

Dogs which are old, needing care and handicapped were often kept isolated. This happens out of ignorance, lack of opportunities or other motives on the part of the people.

A dog is by nature not only an animal living in a pack, but also very socially oriented. By living together with other dogs, it can draw more strength and will to live also at an old age; experiencing its so-called second spring.

Who is behind the “multi generations house for dogs”?

Parts of our team are an animal health centre including veterinary surgery, physical therapy and dog grooming; a qualified dog trainer who is especially dedicated to the socialization and basic teaching of our puppies, and many more experienced “dog people”.

P.S.: To ensure a harmonious coexistence and to create a stress free environment for the four legged house mates, the maximum occupancy is for 20 dogs.


EMERGENCY fundraiser for vet expenses, kennels & food

EMERGENCY fundraiser for vet expenses, kennels & food

Normally we are trying to avoid starting fundraisers. This time we have no chanceas we have around 94 dogs under our wingsyoung and old onessmall and big ones, sick and healthy oneswanted and unwanted ones.

We are being challenged with diseases like parvo again and againvet expenses are increasing and so do kennel fees(more…)

Repairing the Puppy House

Repairing the Puppy House

We are in desperate need to fix our little puppy house for the winter. Fortunately we found somebody to fix it for us, but we need to pay the material. The floor will be new to be cleaned easier, the roof and the walls will be fixed, a new window will need to be made in plus the “garden”. (more…)



Five newborn puppies were dumped in a plastic bag in the middle of the road on Cyprus. They urgently needed bottle-feeding.

We tried them with our amazing mummy LARA, who recently had puppies and they are still tiny. She was accepting the newborns after a while and was feeding them. (more…)



We are always more than happy to help and it is a 2-way help: We are trying no neutere and spay as many dogs as we can afford and at the same time, we are taking dogs and as well pregnant females in and trying to rehome them in wonderful families. (more…)