What is a “multi generations house for dogs”?

It is a home for the old, disabled, in need of care and partly lonely elderly dogs; where they can spend their last stage of life in a dignified environment and in a family of dogs. From young to old, from healthy puppies up to the physically or mentally disabled four-legged friends, all are welcome to us. In principle a placement of one of our housemates (because we live together under one roof – people & dogs) is of course always possible; but if we cannot find a suitable home offered for our protégés they may remain with us forever.

Why a “multi generations house for dogs”?

Formerly, families with several generations lived their lifetime under one roof. The young kept the old young and the old helped the young.
The different generations benefited from each other and the knowledge of the elders was not lost; a social structure that we also wish for the dogs.

Dogs which are old, needing care and handicapped were often kept isolated. This happens out of ignorance, lack of opportunities or other motives on the part of the people.

A dog is by nature not only an animal living in a pack, but also very socially oriented. By living together with other dogs, it can draw more strength and will to live also at an old age; experiencing its so-called second spring.

Who is behind the “multi generations house for dogs”?

Parts of our team are an animal health centre including veterinary surgery, physical therapy and dog grooming; a qualified dog trainer who is especially dedicated to the socialization and basic teaching of our puppies, and many more experienced “dog people”.

P.S.: To ensure a harmonious coexistence and to create a stress free environment for the four legged house mates, the maximum occupancy is for 20 dogs.