ELMO was found wandering loose in a village in Cyprus. Initially he was fed in the street by supermarket staff. He then found the seashore and wandered up to the centre of the village. He was advertised on the village website hoping his owner would come forward to claim him. ELMO at this stage had no name. He was fed by households in the village. Late one evening a man walking his two very small dogs saw the big dog in the street. The dog followed the man home.

The dog was taken to our vet Dr. Marios and checked for a microchip. He did not have one . He was given a blood test – all blood results were thankfully clear.

His foster family gave him the name of ELMO. ELMO was wormed, treated for tics and fleas, microchipped and vaccination programme commenced.

ELMO is a a very large but very young dog. Vet estimates him to be around 12 months old .

ELMO was neutered in late May 2019. He weighs approximately 38kgs and is expected to grow some more.

We have no indication of his background or his breeding. He looks like a German shepherd cross.

ELMO is a calm friendly placid dog. He has no food aggression and sits with the mini pinchers to take his turn for treats and to eat his dinner. He is very interested in human food and is being taught manners and to leave the table and kitchen surfaces alone.

ELMO is completely clean in the house. Will not empty bladder or bowels on his walks and uses a corner of the garden.

ELMO is not greedy, he will eat until he has had enough and then walk away from his food bowl. He will let the mini pinchers eat from his bowl.

ELMO is very intelligent and very keen to learn and please you .He has learnt to recognise his Name Elmo plus to sit, into the down Position and No.

As a young large dog who has NOT been previously trained ELMO still has areas of socialisation and training that require attention.

ELMO is now accepting wearing a collar, putting harness on and off.

He is a quiet boy and very rarely barks. He does not like fireworks but now stops barking quickly with reassurance.

He does not chase the family cats who come into house but stay out of his reach.

He is gentle but curious about children and this curiosity coupled with his size is an area to continue to watch his development.

ELMO is still learning the basics as how to walk on a lead and to walk to heel. These area require more development.

ELMO sleeps happily in the house and let’s himself into the garden whenever he wants to go out!

We lock the front door as he can also open that door .

ELMO is learning to behave in the house and because he is both intelligent and curious needs to be watched as he is learning about cushions, tablecloths, ironing, dishwasher, fridge, washing machine, rubbish bin etc etc .

He is a loving affection dog and wants to play with every dog he meets, both male and female.

ELMO is a relaxed friendly happy dog looking for his forever family who are experienced with big dogs.

He is a pleasure to know and deserves a good family.

ELMO is ready to travel anytime, he will be given through our charity Pointer-Friends and will come with an adoption contract and an adoption fee.

He has his own passport, is neutered, chiped, vaccinated incl. rabies, dewormed and deflead.