LEO and his siblings were born on Cyprus in the beginning of June 2018. Their mum is not a stray, but she was not spayed and roaming around the neighbourhood. 

She took the puppies into the garage of one of our colleagues to have them safe – and we are thankful she did so.

The puppies are happy playful little doggies.
They eat all together and having no problem at all. They are so much looking for human attention and are very cuddly.

The first sister was already adopted and she is very well behaved. They are easy going pups. They poo in one place so we think they will learn very easy (their routine).
So they are very clean already now in the Rescue Center.

LEO and his siblings will be ready to travel in the end of October, when they will have their third vaccination. They will have their vaccinations, rabies, chip, passport.

They will be given through us with an adoption package and an adoption fee.