OLIVIA was found in Cyprus with about 6-7 months. She ran on a main road and was very scared. Our colleague Barbara took care of this little soul and immediately took her to the vet. The pregnancy had to be stopped because OLIVIA would not have survived the birth.

OLIVIA was allowed to fly soon and now lives in a foster home in 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg / Germany (near Hamburg).

OLIVIA still behaves like a puppy. She does not know much yet and her muscles, especially in the hind legs, are not yet fully developed. Currently she is being “spoiled” and is developing well. She gets along great with other dogs, age, breed and size does not matter to her.

OLIVIA needs a home with a lot of human affection and time, because she seems to have gone through a lot. At the moment, her favorite pastime is cuddling with humans and animals.

OLIVIA is chipped, vaccinated, has her EU passport and all necessary veterinary examinations. The Mediterranean test was negative. Her shoulder height is about 28 cm.

If you would like to get to know OLIVIA, please contact our charity Pointer-Freunde e.V., which will rehome her with an adoption contract and an adoption fee of 400 euros (adoption in Germany).

Getting to know each other is possible at any time.