Sex: female

Neutered: yes

Breed: Nordic mix (Akita-Husky-Samojeden)

Born: 04/2016

Height/ Weight: approx. 55 cm, approx. 24 kg

Characteristics: active, playful, cuddly, sometimes still a little shy / timid

Compatibility with cats: unknown

Disabilities / Diseases: none

Main characteristics: active!


A totally different description – from EVE’s perspective: 

 “Hello you there! Yes, you! Human!

I am Eve and my foster daddy told me, to introduce myself… 

Well, here we go… In the past I was a real ‘chicken’ 😉 At least that’s what they say about me over here sometimes. But they also say, that it got better very fast. I think so too! However, I’m still a little cautious…because you never know! Therefore, I like humans who make me feel safe.

Other dogs are great! I can play, romp, run, dig and scuffle with them – and that’s what I love to do. I get along very well with all the other dogs! 

Foster daddy always says: „You have ants in your pants!” …whatever this means.  

Inside my home I’m very calm and cuddly. But first I have to trust the humans I meet, because sometimes I find them a little scary, depending on how they behave. But that got better a lot already too.

I can also stay alone at home. However, I’m never really alone here, because there’s always someone from my dog pack around me.  

It would be great, if my new humans are already experienced with dogs and also have some kind of confidence in handling us.

I look forward to meeting you!“



Eve will be given through Pointer-Freunde e.V. with an adoption contract and an adoption fee of 400€. At the moment she is living with her foster parents in 24881 Nübel.

For further information or if you would like to meet Eve please contact us.