We’ve known SOCKE since he was eight weeks old. He moved into a very animal-loving family and soon got a girlfriend, also a puppy.

The first months they were palsy-walsy, but the balance of power tipped very soon, because SOCKE now weighs about 45 kg with a shoulder height of  70 cm.

SOCKE is amazing with other dogs, male or female, neutered or not  – SOCKE is simply friendly to everybody! Even cats are welcome in his home, if they are compatible with dogs. 🙂

SOCKE just loves people, children and animals. The kids should be a bit older and “steady on the legs”, because SOCKE is often unaware of his weight and power and thinks he is still a puppy, when he wants his cuddles and he may knock a small child over.

SOCKE already knows some basics such as sit and lay down, but needs a consistent home, because sometimes he has a lot of age-based silly things on his mind.

He is very lively and playful – and yet not aware of his “dimensions”. As he can be quite strong on the lead he needs a bit more training to walk politely.

SOCKE is a highly sensitive “big black bear”, but due to his height and his “stubbornness” it takes a little longer for him to learn.

SOCKE is neutered and comes with an EU passport, he is chipped, vaccinated incl. rabies, de-flead and de-wormed and registered at TASSO. He is house trained and can stay alone for an appropriate time. Since SOCKE has been coached by our dog trainer for several months now, we can judge him very well and would like to continue to look after him even after a placement – either in person or at least by phone with help and advice SOCKE is very dear to all of us and we would have liked the current constellation to work, but in the end you always have to think about both sides – and both the family and SOCKE just need another counterpart. As much as they are attached to each other …  SOCKE will be given through Pointer-Freunde e.V. with an adoption contract and an adoption fee of 400€.

If you have any further questions about SOCKE, would like to meet him or have already fallen in love with our “big, black, loving but bouncy bear” – please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Contact: Britta Hadewig