HENNA originally comes from Bulgaria. So far, almost nothing is known about her history. We got her from one of the largest animal shelters in Bulgaria, where she was living on a chain for months. For a Pointer / German Shorthair this is a bitter fate, as they are very people-related and affectionate. Not to mention their sensitivity.

But HENNA coped well with her situation as she was close to her keepers. Them and a few animal-loving ladies from Germany have been particularly committed to HENNA and KALIMERO, who also is now under the protection of Pointer-Freunde e.V. 

On her arrival, HENNA showed a closeness to us immediately, something we seldom experience in the beginning. She just wants one thing: to please everybody! And most of all, she wants to cuddle and be loved all day long. 

HENNA gets along well with male dogs unless they are not too pushy, all in all she is very social. So far, we could not see any jealousy about food or any other aggression. 

With female dogs she should be brought together by experienced dog people as with them she shows some dominant behaviour. This can be managed by showing her her limits. 

We are urgently looking for a foster home for HENNA. She would love to be a single dog but a family with a male dog would also be perfect. HENNA has to get used to her new life, a new surrounding and of course of finally having “her” family, she just needs some time to fully arrive. Mind you, she is just perfect with people. 

Also if you can imagine to give HENNA a forever home you are more than welcome to contact us anytime! If you are looking for a loyal companion, in her best age, HENNA is the ideal dog for you. 

HENNA is chipped, vaccinated, has her EU passport, is dewormed and deflead.