LYKA was found as a stray, giving birth in a hole on Cyprus.
When it rained, the hole was full of water and two puppies out of eight died.
A young man found them in the hole and took them to his warehouse, where he kept them safe.

When LYKA was roaming in the street one day, she was seen by an animal lover and as she was too weak and underweight, he asked a friend of us for help. She went to help and eventually they found the puppies in the warehouse.

LYKA is such a sweet nature! She is very good with other dogs, great with humans and loves to play and lay in the sun. 🙂

LYKA will be given through the Pointer-Freunde incl. adoption contract and adoption fee.

She will be spayed, has her EU-passport, chip, vacc, de-flea, de-worming and rabies.

For more information please contact us via PM.