Our team and our pack of Pointer-Freunde have lost their mentor, teacher and a very special friend …

JO, as he was always called, was the dog of our colleague Britta H. She is our dog trainer and belongs to the team of Pointer-Freunde e.V. 

JO has done a great deal of service in his short life – he has been specially trained, passed his tests perfectly and was a self-contained German shepherd like you rarely meet.

From the beginning he took over the “direction” of our 3- and 4-legged team of Pointer-Freunde: for the girls in the pack he was a great friend, buddy and playmate. They enjoyed a certain freedom of doing whatever they want with him. It was incredible to see how much JO withdrew himself, for the benefit of others. 

For the puppies, foster dogs and newcomers JO was a teacher, mentor, protector, rock solid and kindergarten teacher at the same time. He accompanied Britta to dog training sessions and private lessons, and showed other dogs “how things are going in this world”. Always sovereign, always balanced and never really annoyed. 

But JO was a “real lemon” from the beginning of his life. He has always had health problems. His body has now given up, at the age of only five. We were very fortunate that we were all allowed to be with him and pay our respects to JO, before he crossed the rainbow bridge – even his best friends ZAKI and CINDY LAUPER were there to say goodbye to him.

And JO has never breathed so relaxed and satisfied for a long time as he did in that moment. 

Our colleague and her son were always by his side, just like the rest of the family, they hoped and fought with him – but JO lost his last fight. It was heartbreaking to see. It was not supposed to be – maybe JO is needed by our Pointer Friends who are already gone… who knows…..

He is always there when he has “a job to do” Dear JO,You will always have a special place in our hearts and everyone who got to know you, will never forget you! You have left a lasting impression on all of us.

* 21.10.2012 – † 05.12.2017