If you love animals and are dedicated to animal welfare, there is nothing that does not exist. Sometimes you see more than you actually would like to see …

A few weeks ago we received a plea for help from two animal protection colleagues from Cyprus. Marian and Fatima do not have their own organization or association – they are private “lone fighters” and do everything to help dogs in need on Cyprus.

And as if the suffering on Cyprus is not already bad enough – they look outside the box and indeed far beyond. For them, animal protection and the love to animals have no limits. That unites us!

The two have heard from a female husky in the Ukraine – yes, in the Ukraine. Nowadays the networking between the animal welfare organizations got so good due to the social media that one exchanges and helps wherever possible.

NIKITA lived in the basement of some people in the Ukraine, who apparently could not handle her. She lived in a small cage and did not get out on a regular basis, she just had to stay in her little cage for almost 24/7!  As you can imagine her muscles are now completely degenerated, so she can barely stand or even walk.  









After her rescue, NIKITA came under the protection of an animal welfarist in the Ukraine, she took extensive tests at the vet and also began with physiotherapy for NIKITA, which she urgently needed for building up her muscles.

When she started coughing we all knew that the poor thing will have another serious illness and so it was: NIKITA was tested positive for heartworms!

Anyone who has ever dealt with dirofilariosis (heartworm disease) knows that the chances of recovery or even healing are rather small. In NIKITAS case the hope is even more little, because the stage of her heartworms is 4-5 of 5.

The whole extent is not yet known but that definitely tempered our optimism:

NIKITA showed strong problems with her breathing after her arrival, so she could not travel any further. What actually was planned as a 2 days stopover ended  as  a permanent vacation.

After a few more tests and a thorough examination by our veterinarians Jana Eisenblätter and Patrick Niederhofer from the Animal Health Center Dammstücken and after consultations with specialists from all over Germany, it came out that NIKITA had a very enlarged heart besides the heartworms plus a too small chest and lung.


The complexity of her physical ailments and illnesses make the decision incredibly difficult for us, what is the best way to go on and what is the best treatment for NIKITA? Simply, what is the best for HER?!




Our team decided quickly, we took NIKITA under the protection of our program P.A.D.S.. This project takes care of mentally and physically handicapped dogs as well as of elderly and sick dogs, who have no or a very bad chance of finding a new home. These dogs remain under our protection for a lifetime and are supported by their sponsors. These sponsors enable the association to give dogs such as NIKITA to life-long fosters, whereas the costs are covered by us. Due to the close contact and exchange with the foster parents, we can consult further specialists if required.









At the moment, we cannot make a prediction: NIKITA gets along well with the pack and shows incredible gratitude and joy of life.







But daily we also see that her powers are limited – sometimes she shows pain and we support her with painkillers.

Sadly enough we still cannot say if and how much she wants to fight. We give her the time to show us. In the meantime NIKITA was visited by Marian from Cyprus, one of her rescuers. 

Finally they both were able to meet each other! The team including Marian decided to start with the first steps oft he treatment. We will see how NIKITA will cope with the severeness oft he medication.





Please support NIKITA and us in the fight for her life and finally make her life worth living!! All these efforts cost money: veterinary costs, feed, care etc., so we are in need of your help.

With a part-sponsorship from 10 euros per month or with a one-time donation you make a big difference and give NIKITA and us hope!

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