BENSON and his brother were found by an animal lover on Cyprus with their mum being under high risk to be run over by cars close to a busy road. They actually had an owner, but he was not interested in the puppies, so the animal lover got them.

The mum is tiny, but we have no idea about the dad. The brothers have short legs and will not grow big. At the moment the shoulder height is around 30 cm.

BENSON and his brother BAILEY are super friendly with everything, dogs, kids, people!

The brothers will be given with an adoption package and an adoption fee incl. travel costs and will be ready to travel soon. They will have their passports, microchips, vacc incl. rabies, de-flea and de-worming.

Who wants to have the perfect family dog? Please contact us for any more questions about adopting one or both of them.

Pointer-Freunde e.V.