BRITTA seems to be a pure breed Breton Spaniel.

She was born on Cyprus as an unwanted puppy with her siblings in a family. They wanted to get rid of them and we took BRITTA, as they sold the others.

BRITTA is a very happy girl – she has a naughty personality – she loves fun and games! She is very good at fetching balls and she loves to play tug. She is extremely sociable with other dogs and very, very good with all people. She loves to pounce on cats – but she does not hurt them – she is being a puppy!

BRITTA is very friendly, very loving. She sleeps under the duvet or on the pillow of her foster mum every night. She loves to sit on her laps when she watches tv, she is a really cuddly puppy.

BRITTA is almost house trained – she uses puppy pads in the house, unless she is too excited and forgets! However she also asks to be sent outside for the toilet. Her new family will need to complete her toilet training.

She is very faithful and good on walks. She wears a harness, because she does not like the lead on her collar. Off lead, she is very good and does not run off.

BRITTA loves her baths, she wears her winter coats with no problems. In the car she wants to sit on her foster mum’s lap, so she travels in a safety harness attached to the seat belt – with this she just sleeps on the journey.

BRITTA can be taken out to cafes etc. She is always the centre of attention, because she is so beautiful and gentle. Everyone wants to cuddle her! She loves the attention.

BRITTA will suit any type of family – either a home with children or as a companion for adults. She is a clever puppy with a very loving heart.

She is ready to travel, having her passport, chip, vacc, rabies, de-flea and de-wormings in the middle of January.