The most precious legacy of a living being is the trace,
who has left his love in our hearts.

Vinzenz Erath

OSCAR, Pointer-Mix, 4 months

OSCAR (male) and his two sisters CHOCKOLATE and MELINA were born shortly after we rescued her mother NELLY from a killing pound on Cyprus. She was heavily pregnant and about to give birth, so we acted quickly and got her out, as she was the only dog sitting there as...

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MIA, Labrador-Pudel-Mix, born 27.12.2016

MIA and her siblings were born in a foster home on Cyprus, after an animal loving family took the highly pregnant mum in. The mum is a pointer-labrador, but the dad is unknown and might have been a middle sized dog, as they look a bit like poodle and kokoni. 🙂 They...

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STACEY, Malinois-Mix, 5-6 years

STACEY was found by an animal loving young lady wandering around on Cyprus. Nobody knows her story, but what we know is: STACEY is a wonderful and friendly dog! STACEY is a very good dog, she loves cuddles and human company. She is good with other dogs, but sometime a...

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HARVEY, Beagle-Mix, 3 months

CUTENESS OVERLOAD! HARVEY and his brothers were given to us by the mukhtar, the head of a village on Cyprus. HARVEY is a bit of a loner, quiet, self assured. Also calm natured and easy going.. HARVEY will be ready to travel very soon. He has his passport, chip,...

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FRIEDA, Senior-Pointer, born appr. 2008

UPDATE 26.7.2016: FRIEDA has breast cancer and it is serious - she may have another year - maybe 3, maybe less. Nobody knows. But she is enjoying life and our vet believes that we can spay her to slow the cancer down. So we will have her in the clinic in a few days...

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