LUMPI’s fate touches us all very much. Every dog ​​and his fate are touching, but sometimes it is very hard and heartbreaking – especially in this case.

When our team reached the “emergency call” from LUMPI’s owner, we did not know that the story of the two would bring us to tears, because calls for help and dogs in need are “our daily work” and we are experiencing a lot.

LUMPI got to his owner at the age of 9 months via the animal emergency call, after he had already went through four hands. So now this was his 5th home. Without knowing the reasons why he was given away again and again, the two became a great team – an inseparable team in which his owner tried not only to give LUMPI the home he deserved, but also to fulfill his needs. LUMPI loves to run, is very athletic, agile and got a strong hunting instinct. He initially had a great separation anxiety but luckily his owner could spend plenty of time with him. LUMPI enjoyed that very much.

But life does not always stay the same. Life situations and circumstances change and so his owner had to go back to work – and leave him alone for hours. And above of all the life of the little family got overshadowed by a heavy blow of fate. It was very difficult to get a grip on one’s own emotional world. And everybody who knows Pointer, also knows that they are very sensitive and reflect the feelings and moods of their people. They experience joy and suffering equally. And in particular, they can hardly assess negative emotions because they are referring to them. As if they had made a mistake themselves.

A vicious circle for LUMPI and his owners, so he came to us, devastated and with tears in his eyes after six years of being the perfect team and asking us to “make the most of LUMPI” – with all the consequences. We got to know LUMPI and his owners, spent days and weeks working on LUMPI and his family’s story – but sometimes love means letting go, because you cannot fulfill the needs of your beloved companion. As in Lumpi’s case, the biggest testimony of love that his owner could give him was, to ask us to find the perfect home for him. A home where he can run, play and which makes him happy again, without suffering because of the ” accompanying circumstances ” which are simply unbearable for the soul of such a sensitive dog.

LUMPI is now living in a very special foster family of Pointer-Freunde, which have made it their mission to get LUMPI settled and give him all the time he needs to develop his personality, so that we can find the perfect and hopefully last home for him.

And LUMPI is doing good! He has several dog friends by his side and enjoys the carefree life with many cuddles and without any pressure (felt by him)

LUMPI loves everybody, large or small, gets on well with other dogs and even with cats. He has no problems with car rides, is housetrained and is just learning to stay alone for a few hours – of course with his doggy friends

LUMPI is chipped, vaccinated and comes with an EU passport, at the moment he is also  dewormed and deflead. He already knows various basic commands and is very eager to learn 

We are looking for a loving home for LUMPI, with a lot of time, patience and love and ideally already a first dog. Cats and children are ok.

Get to know LUMPI and learn to love a pointer soul – an emotional experience you will never forget.

LUMPI will be given through Pointer-Freunde e.V. with an adoption contract and an adoption fee of 400€

If you consider having this boy as part of your family you can meet LUMPI in 25451 Quickborn. Please give us a call!