Do you remember the mum and her puppy have been found by Wayne Eves from Groomingdales? The puppy, now called Spike, was in a garbage bag next to the road and his mum, Laila, was sitting next to him.

They decided to follow Wayne, when he went home to get some water and food for them, and they were standing in front of the gates of Groomingdales asking to be let in.

We couldn’t resist and decided with Wayne, to take both under our wings and give them some months to recover and settle in.

They are still living at Groomingdales on Cyprus. Unfortunately Laila was tested positive for Leishmania, but she got her treatment and recovered amazingly. She is such a gentle, sweet and soft nature. She loves to be cuddled and with her 1-2 pills a day she will have a wonderful life without further problems, we believe.

Leishmania today is no problem anymore. The treatment is very cheap and if you discover it early enough and start the treatment, doggies can handle it very well.

So who wants to give Laila a lovely home, a lot of cuddles and the attention she deserves?

She is vacc, de-flead, de-wormed, chipped, has her own passport and is ready to travel anytime.

Please contact us for further information.