Five newborn puppies were dumped in a plastic bag in the middle of the road on Cyprus. They urgently needed bottle-feeding.

We tried them with our amazing mummy LARA, who recently had puppies and they are still tiny. She was accepting the newborns after a while and was feeding them.

Unfortunately still two of them didn’t make it.

Lara is now really fed up about puppies and stopped feeding them this morning. So the three newborns are under high risk again. So we had to start to bottle-feed them again.

Plus: Lara’s puppies need some additional puppy milk as well, as LARA has none left.

So we are in desperate need of some donations to keep them safe: Puppy milk, vaccinations for the elder ones, de-wormings etc.

We currently have about 30 puppies under our wings and trying to keep them safe till they will be old enough to hopefully join loving new homes.

PLEASE help us with some Euros for all these puppies, but especially for the newborns and tiny ones.